2015-2017 PGCAG Leadership Structuring

2015-2017 PGCAG Leadership Structuring

Special Announcement from the Executive Presbytery:

With the election of the PGCAG Executive Officers last May 1, 2015 came also the task of structuring the leadership base of the entire movement. Considering that all offices were co-terminus with their appointing officer, appointments and or reappointments, which ever seemed fit, have been made for 2015-2017. A leadership shift is therefore a necessary and imminent action.

The leaders of each PGCAG national department, commission, and institution were selected and concurred by the incumbent Executive Presbytery. Appointments of Regional Bible Schools Presidents, on the other hand, are affirmed by schools’ respective board of directors.

While these changes may be misconstrued by others, all decisions have been prayerfully considered and effected indiscriminately, without respect to persons or affinities. The PGCAG Executive Presbytery, along with the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the Regional Bible Schools are duly mandated and hold the sole prerogative to their organizational management. Consequently, the incumbents are accountable to ensure that PGCAG’s leadership complement upholds a common vision, and is committed to implement this as a team.

The Executive Presbytery

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