Discipleship unto Mobilization: Bringing the Church back to its Purpose

Discipleship unto Mobilization: Bringing the Church back to its Purpose

by Angie Tud

(This article was originally published on Engaged Magazine Issue 3 in 2013)

Grace Christian Assembly (GCA) in Agoo, La Union puts high priority in discipleship. Pastored by Rev. Minaflor Somera, GCA commits to develop Christlike members mobilized for ministry and mission.

But the church was not like this several years ago. Rev. Somera made all efforts to bring the church to an active lifestyle of worship, evangelism and discipleship by going through the routines of bible study, Sunday School, prayer meetings and weekly services. Despite all the vigorous attempts, there were minimal results. Few people had an active lifestyle of worship, evangelism and discipleship.

However, changes began to take place when Rev. Somera participated in the Trainor’s Training of Intentional Moves (IM) in 2010. The seminar challenged her to have a careful evaluation of the church ministries. She saw the need to embrace the IM framework and make some ministry adjustments like scheduling an early Sunday service so the church could meet for another session with their discipleship groups using IM materials.

Several months into the IM framework, wonderful changes became evident as the church grew more vibrant in worship, evangelism and discipleship. People felt a deep hunger for God and His Word and an eagerness to share with others their experiences as they seek more of God. The faithful few were edified and the pew fillers were mobilized. The church grew in number as they engaged in reaching the lost and discipling the new believers.

From a traditional church to a mobilizing church, GCA has moved from reaching their neighbours alone to planting churches in different towns. Thanks to the Holy Spirit who empowers His people and to Rev. Minaflor Somera for taking on the challenge of making changes and being an instrument to bring the church back to its primary purpose.

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