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INFORMED CONSENT: The Bond of Cooperative Fellowship

(The following has been our instruction to all our Ordained Ministers who applied for renewals, 2012. In this, we are attempting to explain again the meaning of MEMBERSHIP with the PGCAG.)

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First, The Holy Scriptures: The Scriptures is our over-riding and unchanging standard of life and relationship. The required standard of community behavior and commitment in the organization are implemented by our submission to God, obedience to the Lordship of Christ and adherence to His Word.

All of the PGCAG members agree and believe that the Scriptures “are verbally inspired of God and are the revelation of God to man, the infallible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct.” (CBL, Article VI: Statement of Fundamental Doctrines; intended as a basis of fellowship among us).

Then, Mutual Agreements: A statement on voluntary cooperative fellowship has been historically included in the application of ministerial credentials, (new application or renewals) as stated in our Constitution and By-Laws (CBL):

“The Philippines General Council of the Assemblies of God, Incorporated, exists as a cooperative fellowship and functions as a body based on mutual agreements entered into by its members.” (CBL, Article III: Nature).

In this statement, of our own free choice, we decide to become members, thus subscribing to all that for which the PGCAG stands. We pledge an active loyalty to our constitutional agreements, a cooperative spirit, a readiness to support and …See More

Our mutual agreements are expressed in our Articles of Incorporation, our Constitution and By-laws, our Fundamental Doctrines, and all Resolutions passed by the Council. These binding contracts and agreements recognize our solemn rights, and state our sworn duties and responsibilities as members of PGCAG, Inc.

Orientation and Personal Interview: In practice, therefore, we require each member (new or renewing applicant) to know our missions purpose, our fundamental doctrines, our structure, policies and programs. Along with this, interview must be conducted to determine if (1) the requirements for membership are observed, (2) the responsibilities are accepted, and (3) the commitment to support the council and to submit to decisions and discipline of PGCAG is affirmed.

Signed Application: Our membership is based on binding agreements. Each member gives a written commitments (the application form or the renewal form provide for this) where each one agree to support and to submit as stated; then, you affix your signature, certifying that the information and answers you provided are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. This is your informed consent, and a binding contract as member. Together with all the members, we have agreed to be the PGCAG Incorporated, and to function as such. This signed commitment is legal and binding, and enforceable by law, as it is written, “Simply let your Yes be Yes, and your No, No; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” (MAT 5:37, NIV).

No new membership and renewals will be approved and credentials released without this signed consent. All members of the council mutually agree to support and to submit to the rules as stated by the CBL, to the leaders they elect, to the decisions made by their leaders as their rules permit, to the disciplinary actions that may be made under our judicial system, to the vision and goals and programs created to implement their purpose and reason for being.

This Informed Consent is required for membership. Every member permits the Council through its leaders to govern and lead without threats of resistance, insurrection or litigations in courts. This is balanced by a system for grievance and justice in order to maintain our agreed standards and discipline to prevent chaos and abuse. This will reinforce Biblical order and submission to authority. This will also protect the entities mandated to maintain ministerial standards and discipline – from reprisals, recriminations and rebellion. Even Gentile courts and judges are protected by the system under the same principle.

Chaos: Without informed consent or disregarding this signed consent, it will be disastrous if not impossible to govern a voluntary organization like ours. It will be difficult to implement rules, discipline our ranks to maintain ministerial standards. It would fail to protect or even to correct itself. The PGCAG in the past has been taken hostage to this kind of mockery, because we dishonor our signed agreements, we disregarded our covenants and we cannot implement our own rules. This proves that we lack the understanding of its meaning and its value in our organization.

Without Informed Consent, properly understood and implemented, the leaders will seem powerless to govern and implement discipline not only because of timidity, but because the members have not permitted them to lead in that way. Then nothing can prevent insubordination, insurrection and blatant defiance of rules and decisions, from happening; court litigations will become the practice; it will be impossible to promote cooperation and unity; then the rebellious and defiant will eventually rule and become the law. God forbid.


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Rey Calusay We must uphold OUR CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS, and be vigilant in implementing its provisions.. and in correcting any malpractice and violations, and also in disciplining its violators.

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Susan Tantioco Abbott Everyone at all levels (LE, LP, SM, OM) MUST read, understand and immerse him/her/self on these guidelines and be accountable to the leadership and to the fellow ministers.

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Deborah Lazaro GS Rey… you did very well furnish everyone the pertinent document. Thank you! Our prayers continue to seek Almighty God lead you on to stay durable, faithful, and ever loyal to His call in your life! Stand your ground in His strength! He blesses you continually!

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Walter T. Caput Can we put this in writing and give it to all our licensed ministers. I think now is the time for our licensed ministers to understand these things so we could raise the standard and fulfill our main focus. Also can we provide a copy of our minister friends who are not licensed with us but are concerned with PGCAG so they will know. More wisdom, power and grace from God be in you GS.

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Daniel Cubing THANKS PASTOR REY…….

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Raul Rollinas Thanks GS Rey for the printable file it makes us easy to download!

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