PGCAG Eight-Point Agenda

PGCAG General Superintendent Rev. Rey Calusay   pursues  an  8 point agenda. He challenges the whole Phlippines General Council of the Assemblies of God to engage in the Saturation Challenge, an intensified commitment to plant 2020 churches by 2020. To empower the PGCAG churches for the Saturation Challenge, GS Rey Calusay laid down the
 8-Point Agenda (8PA) namely:
1. Pentecostal  Prayer and Revival
2. Intentional All-Church Discipleship
3. Upgrading and TRaining of Leaders
4. Plant Another CHurch
5. Strategic and Creative Evangelism
6. Church Structure and Policies
7. Stewardship and Economic Uplift
8. World Missions Enterprise

Click to download: Eight Point Agenda

Three task Forces were created through the collaboration of PGCAG departments, commissions, ministries and partners. These task forces are to created programs that are necessary to help empower districts, sections, local churches, pastors and church workers.

The 8PA and 3 Task Forces:

Task Force on Training and Discipleshipengaged-nov2012_page_3

Task Force on Stewardship and Church Structure

Task Force on Missions and CHurch Planting